Domain Name Suggestion Tools

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For when you want to make one word into another word – puts a whole bunch of suffixes or prefixes on your word to try and generate something new and cool. Also tells you if the generated results are taken as .com or .net.


Nameboy has been around for ages. Combine two words or get domains that contain one word. Doesn’t return too many results but worthwhile.

Lean Domain Search

Returns every available domain wit your word + dictionary word either before or after. Very useful but .com only.


.com search where you decide length, type of word plus your word and whether it goes before or after your keyword.


Dropped Domain Tools and Tips

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Buying an expired or “dropped” domain can be a really good way to kickstart a new site or to add authority to an existing one. Read more

UK Dropping Domains Tool

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In my search for domains, I found this UK dropping domains tool on Antony Shapley’s site:

At the moment it just shows domains that are dropping by day, and it would be really nice to have a keyword search function, but still a great resource if you’re looking at buying dropped domains.